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Roger Ulrich has been a resident of Tucson, Arizona for over 50 years. A graduate of the University of Arizona, Mr. Ulrich obtained his Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1970, with minor studies in music (piano) and art. He is a registered practicing architect, but looks forward to developing his individualized art interests further as retirement approaches. With his wife Ellen, they reside on the northwest side of Tucson with their Irish Wolfhound, Bogey, and Scottish Deerhound, Zoey.

Mr. Ulrich applies basic design principles of form and balance to achieve lasting pieces of art. Most of his work is 3-dimensional in nature, and has experimented in a number of media, including plastics, stone, metal, with wood being his present and most lasting forte. Roger has a fundamental interest of functionality in much of his work; however “art for art sake” surfaces every now and then.

Mr. Ulrich has had an extended interest in native woods particularly of the southwest, where much of his inspirations can be found. Utilizing desert hardwoods such as acacia, mesquite, and ironwood, he has created shapes of lasting beauty. Most recently southwestern themes have come to life in the form of reptilian subjects.

Wood material is selected for size, character, and possible subject matter. Natural flaws are welcome, including aging cracks, critter holes, blemishes, and fire marks. Work is sculpted from a single piece of wood, which is sometimes difficult for the casual observer to notice. Work is hand formed without the use of lathes or other turning implements. The resultant sculptural shapes provide a unique one-of-a-kind piece of artwork, suitable for centerpiece display.

Mr. Ulrich presently has his work on display at Tohono Chul Park in Tucson, and at the Tubac Historic Presidio.

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